Ankle Pain

Ankle pain can be debilitating, hindering your ability to get up and get out. The Southern California Ankle Arthritis Institute, which is a subspecialty of the University Foot and Ankle Institute (UFAI for short), is a center of excellence in the treatment of all causes of ankle pain including arthritis. Through groundbreaking collaboration efforts, a team of ankle specialists including doctors, surgeons, researchers and physical therapists are performing groundbreaking treatments which allow customized care for each individual to ensure the best possible outcome. It is because of this approach that top professional athletes, acrobatic performers, dancers and athletes such as those from the Cirque Du Soleil and the Association of Tennis Professionals trust their feet in the hands of the ankle pain specialists at UFAI's Ankle Arthritis Institute.

Ankle Pain Specialists

Our ankle doctors, surgeons and specialists (such as specially trained physical therapists) are true experts when it comes to diagnosing and treating various ankle conditions, including ligament tears, fractures and sprains. UFAI's Ankle Arthritis Institute prides itself on being a leader in the research and implementation of new procedures and treatment options. This is why the ankle doctors at Ankle Arthritis Institute of Southern California find themselves one of the most sought after consultants for breakthrough medical technology companies. Combining their knowledge, experience and expertise, our ankle pain specialists customize a tailored treatment plan inclusive of the latest treatment options and technology for each and every individual.

Ankle Pain Treatment

Ankle pain caused by arthritis is a very common condition and can cause long-term disability and pain. It can result in impaired function, limited range of motion, and altered gait. The additional stress placed on adjacent joints due to ankle arthritis may cause pain, irritation, and possibly degenerative changes to those joints as well. It is important to get early and prompt treatment of arthritis so that the least invasive procedure ankle pain treatment can be done.

Ankle arthritis is a progressive condition and will not improve without intervention. The ankle pain specialists at the University Foot and Ankle Institute's Ankle Arthritis Institute have many options available for the treatment of ankle pain conditions like arthritis and will tailor their treatment plan for this problem to each individual patient's needs and conditions.