Flat Feet / Collapsed Arch

Posterior Tibial Tendon Dysfunction

Tarsal coalition is a specific, albeit rare, cause of flat foot deformity. It usually affects children, although adults can sometimes have the condition as well. Tarsal coalition develops when the bones of the feet (the tarsal bones) fail to separate at birth. The result is stiffness and misalignment of the feet.

Conservative Care for Tarsal Coalition

As with many deformities of the feet and ankles, tarsal coalition is usually treated using conservative care measures. Custom corrective orthotics can help reposition the affected feet in better alignment and promote proper movement. Physical therapy, specifically the use of certain stretches, can also help alleviate the pain caused by this condition.

Physical therapy can help conditions like tarsal coalition also known as a flat foot deformity

Surgery for Tarsal Coalition

When performed in children, surgery can be a very effective means of correcting tarsal coalition. The procedure is designed to remove the coalition region and establish better alignment within the foot. In some cases, arthritis may develop before surgery is performed. Fusion of the joints, another surgical procedure, is often helpful for relieving the pain caused by arthritis. This procedure is often combined with realignment to address the arthritis and the tarsal coalition at the same time.

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