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Breaking Down Cam Newton's Ankle Injury and Surgery

aewq imageBy: Dave Siebert, MD
Bleacher Report
Mar 21, 2014

"The stretched ligament may be slightly trimmed, but the main part of a primary ankle ligament repair is called a 'pants over vest' tightening of the ligament," Dr. Baravarian explained. "In this repair technique, the ligament is cut at the torn and stretched region and is pulled on top of the adjacent piece. Then, they are tied together to make a double thick repair site, thus the term 'pants over vest.'" Read More.

Surgery Center Embraced Price Transparency: Q&A

asc review imageBy: Carrie Pallardy
Becker's ASC Review
January 15, 2014

"Across the board, awareness of ASCs has been lacking. Demonstrating our values to the community has been a missed opportunity. I hope the ASC community will take price transparency and discussing the value that ASC's bring to health care and run with it.".... Read More.

49ers' Michael Crabtree makes 'amazing' Achilles recovery

gate imageBy: Eric Branch
San Francisco Chronicle
January 8, 2014

"A 49ers fan and a physician, Dr.Bob Baravarian watched wide receiver Michael Crabtree through a different prism than most of the faithful did sunday. In his sixth game back from a torn Achilles tendon, "... Read More.

Curry seems more likely to play than Bryant

AP RGB imageBy Rusty Simmons
Associated Press
November 21, 2013

'"If he [Bryant] was a normal athlete at seven months, he'd be back to doing normal athletics," said Dr. Bob Baravarian, a foot and ankle surgeon at Saint John's Health Center in Santa Monica. " The problem is, he's an elite athlete. That's what is amazing about it."'... Read More.

Palestine Herald-Press: High heels deemed unhealthy

herald imageBy CRISTIN REECE
Palestine Herald-Press
August 18, 2013

'"The structure of the foot is just not meant to be crammed in the shoe that way," Dr. Braxton Little, a podiatrist at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif., told ABC News, as published on the network's website. "It just puts the body in a very unnatural position." So what's fashion-forward female to do?'... Read More.

Kobe Bryant's Torn Achilles: Preventable?

Listen to more on Dr. Baravarian's interview on KFI-AM 640.


Runners must be sure to break in bare feet

AP RGB imageBy Alicia Chang
Associated Press
June 10, 2012

'"Bob Baravarian, chief of podiatry at the UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif., said he's seen "a fair number" of heel injuries and stress fractures among first-timers who are not used to the different forces of a forefoot strike. "All of a sudden, the strain going through your foot is multiplied manifold" and problems occur when people don't ease into it, he said.'... Read More.

ABC News: High Heels, High Danger?

abc imageBy Katie Kindelan
ABC News
Jan 26, 2012 10:30am

'The pain you feel while walking in your 6-inch Louboutins and sky-high Prada pumps is a symptom of the real damage high heels may be doing to your body, new research finds... ..."Inflammation inside your body can happen anywhere. It can happen from wearing shoes," Little, who was not involved in the Australian study, told ABC News. "When we put your foot into a shoe, it has nowhere to go but to bind the toes."'... Read More.