Lifestyle Changes to Relieve Ankle Pain

Activities that reduce impact and stress on the ankle are recommended. Activities such as biking/spinning, and swimming allow for an excellent cardiovascular workout without risking further damage to the ankle. It is important to keep strength in the ankle ligaments and muscles but avoid severe strain to a damaged ankle. Our team of doctors and therapists can provide a comprehensive conservative treatment protocol for the care of a painful ankle while reducing stress and trauma to the ankle.

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Medications to Treat Ankle Pain

Non-steroidal anti-inflammatory oral and topical medications help to reduce swelling and pain in the affected joint. There are several of these medications that are used for ankle arthritis but this only provides symptomatic relief and does not address the underlying cause of the condition. These medications are often used in conjunction with other treatment modalities to provide relief for patients suffering from ankle arthritis. University Foot and Ankle Institute has worked with several laboratories to produce an innovative and comprehensive medication that is exclusive to our organization for the treatment of ankle pain and arthritis. Through a combination of anti-inflammatory natural remedies, vitamins, and nutritional supplements, we are able to increase the function of the ankle, reduce pain and add to the quality of our patient's lives.

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